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David silva rose

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About Me

My Background

I graduated from San Jose State University in 1992 with a BFA degree in painting and drawing.  

My Medium

My painting has always involved a rich textured surface as a basis for work that evolves into colorful geometry.  These color fields, sometimes of stripes, squares, triangles or curves are derived from an influence of abstract expressionism and act as a means of delineating what I see as the rich diversity of life.  Stark black lines are often incorporated onto the top most surface of the paintings and serve as reminders of the interconnection of all life no matter how disparate the apparent surroundings that lie just underneath. The textured foundations that eventually get covered many times over before a painting is completed are a function of an even deeper connection, that of an all encompassing spiritual root. 

Upcoming Events

 2018 Open Studio

when: 10/27 & 10/28

where: 1789 Egbert Ave, San Francisco


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